Law Office of Anna Markovich



At the Law Office of Anna Markovich, LLC, we strive to unite traditional values with new approaches to provide effective legal representation. We are always seeking new ways to make it easier on our clients and to offer the best legal services we can.



We provide all our clients with high quality professional services. Knowledge, experience, and commitment to professional ethics are at the core of our practice. We treat our clients and colleagues with respect; we listen carefully and are always timely. We represent our clients zealously to ensure that everything legally possible is made to achieve their success.


We are always honest with our clients. We carefully consider the circumstances of each case and give a realistic estimate regarding a possible outcome. No frills—just realism. Frequently, people come to our office for a second opinion on the tactics chosen by other attorneys. We are also honest about our fees and costs, and we explain in detail terms of our agreement. We do not have hidden fees and we will not change the terms of our agreement.


Our clients trust us because they know that we will do everything within our power to win their cases. We emphatically defend our clients’ interests because their success is our success. Our clients have faith in us because we care for them as people, not just as cases. Many of our clients keep in touch with us even after their cases have been resolved. This is a testament to our efforts to treat our clients with respect, and to the significant positive change we have brought to their lives.



We approach cases creatively: we look at problem with a fresh perspective and aim to resolve it effectively. We love to find new ways to resolve our clients’ cases, especially when all the traditional methods have been tried. It could be a contract with original terms, a novel strategy in a trial defense, or an innovative argument on appeal. Whatever the situation, we champion creativity in solving it.


In an increasingly digital age, we like to be a step ahead of the legal world. We use technology when working with clients to make the process as easy as possible. For instance, we offer consultations over Skype for those who live farther away. We also exchange documents by email, rather than relying on the postal service.


In some cases, we can offer limited legal representation. This means that we will assist a client not with a whole case, but only with a certain portion(s). This option is good for those people who have limited resources, but still wish to secure an attorney’s assistance.


Legal services could be expensive. However, we are trying to accommodate our clients by offering various payment options. For example, instead of paying for our services based on an hourly basis (a typical payment option), in some cases, we can offer so-called flat fee, where we estimate the amount of time we will work on your case and our fees will be fixed in the agreement. We also offer various payment plans.

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